A study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxiciology analyzes the NK603 maize and Roundup herbicide and conclujye that are toxic at extremely low levels.

The study evaluates about 100 parameters in rats fed with these substances. And one of the most impressive results are:

-The mortality in females is more high and associated with tumors of the breast, hipofesis problems and kidney

-Mortality in males is associated with serious deficiencies in liver and kidney.


ASSESSMENT: I do not think that it is just an economic issue, it is not doing more or less money, must be as claim to make Dai€ ˜O, to put products on the market that have these consequences known (at least by manufacturers), there is no other response to this macabre, murderous fact. As a buyer, I have taken the decision to buy companies or producers of small dimension, large producers tend to have a same owner (the money God) and lay ahead not the vocation of service to humanity but his own ambition, if not the will damage over pay to whom its enrichment.


article link: Longterm toxicity of to Roundup herbicide and Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize