"Special for special trees jobs and consulting"

The main objective of our company is the research and study of the tree and unique groves which require a scientific knowledge and for his conservation work.

The company has a wide experience and expertise in the following fields:



In addition, we complement this knowledge with the best tools, materials and technologies specific to the sector, in part because we have, exclusively for Spain and Portugal, the distribution of some of the leading manufacturers in this sector specialists:

  • Instrumental work Mechanik GMBH; (Germany): Resistographer.
  • Independent Protection Co (USA): PModelo 3D _ Celtis australis lightning rods in trees.
  • GEFA-Fabritz (Germany): Air anchors, buried anchors for new plantings, etc.
  • GIS technology Ingrid (Spain. Without exclusivity): inventory, Management Plan and tree maintenance, risk Control and quality Control.
  • AIRSPADE®: (use) machinery to work with roots.
  • Treeplatform® system patented by our company for the transplantation of singular trees.


Also, we carry out own research, and we are in contact with the main centres of formation and development of technical knowledge of Arboriculture around the world.