Doctorarbol attempts to create synergies and partnerships with other companies in different sectors to develop products, services or ideas. Some of the companies that we work with are:

Catalan company specialized in e-learning, although it also performs courses. Member of the tripartite Foundation.
Leading company in the sector of photography in 3D and in metric and aerial photography.
The Institut of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya, is a benchmark around the world in the development of the new architecture.
One of the best Italian companies in Arboriculture, especially in Test of traction and transplantation of singular trees.
European company with headquarters in Belgium, for the installation of playground, facilities, temporary events in trees.
Leader in Spain in the design of software of management of large databases. It has a specific application for the management of woodland and green spaces.
Company specialized in in vitro culture, has collaborated in the recovery of genomes of unique trees which have disappeared.