For tree, research and management, improvement and conservation of trees is our reason for being. We make available to owners and managers of unique trees, or with a special interest, urban trees, etc., our knowledge, experience and dedication to work on its improvement and conservation. The most common fields of advice are:

Arboricultura_doctorarbol consulting

  • Conservation and improvement of singular (singular trees).
  • Risk control of woodland, optimization and technological improvement of companies and managers of public woodland, management of the urban tree (Master Plan) (studies on urban trees)
  • Analysis of risk in Palm trees: evaluation of Palm trees and risk analysis by doctor doctorarbol AIP® comprehensive analysis of Palm trees.
  • Design of strategies for the protection of trees in the works, technical management of works affecting trees, collaboration in the design of projects where trees are essential (technical direction)
  • Phytopathological studies from a tree, through specific populations, to all the trees of a city, control, treatment, etc., design of field work to assess the efficacy of new products and treatments (Phytopathology) systems
  • Realization of courses on fundamental aspects in the management of urban woodland. New knowledge and technologies on your physiology, assessment of risk, etc. (Training)