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The presence of trees in cities is not negotiable, and our goal to collaborate to obtain the highest quality functional aesthetic, structural, physiological, etc., through a management that minimizes costs and get the most out of the tree as a living element: efficient management of urban woodland.

Through the application of our knowledge about trees: Physiology, structuring, root system, pruning, etc., together with the environmental, aesthetic, and social functions that the trees have to be developed, can help local administrations and companies in public management in the improvement of the efficiency of their presence on the streets and, at the same time, generate a reduction in maintenance costs.

We have worked in several cities in collaboration with the municipalities, studies the wooded area of the city for the generation of a Plan of management of the woodland and the subsequent definition of concepts for the realization of the Plan Director of woodland.

The Management Plan as essential tool in maintenance of parks and gardens.

Woodland management plan

In addition, in doctorarbol we do complete studies for the improvement of special groves:

Physiological studies, phytopathological, dendrologicos

  • Studies of risk of fracture / fall and studies of risk of breakage in Palm trees
  • Study and definition of measures of protection in the case of damages by works.
  • Global studies (management plans) for the long-term conservation of the groves (pruning, substitution, anchors, etc.)
  • Root studies to determine risk of tipping, the fragility with respect to possible changes in the environment or the ability to increase the root volume.