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Doctorarbol works in partnership with studies of architecture, construction, landscape companies, municipalities, etc, to develop projects in that it involved the trees are already present or new implementation. We offer an advisory service and technical guidance for the efficient management of the resource tree in these proceedings.

Urban projects: assessment of the feasibility of planned project in woodland. Improvements in soil volume: design of substrates compatible infrastructure, improvement of root space and airspace. Choice of species appropriate to the landscape and urban environment criteria of supply and subsequent maintenance. Audit of the plantation.

Treatment of woodland in the civil works: protection, conservation and restoration of woodland affected by works. Design of suitable substrates. Monitoring and maintenance plans.

arbolado_doctorarbol protectionAdvice on projects of transplants: definition of woodland to transplant, appropriate methodology, improvements in the environment, Directorate of works and follow-up for the success of the survival of the transplanted trees. Quality control of new plantations (LINK: notes on roots and transplants, Gerard Passola, ed.) AEA)


Advice on landscaping and gardening public: doctorarbol, has its own department specialized in the optimization of the management and control of cost in public gardening services.