Counseling of unique monumental trees is one of the works in which we feel more comfortable and to which we dedicate ourselves with more passion. Working with symbolic trees is an honor and a responsibility to which we respond with our high expertise and knowledge in their physiology, structure and processes of this phase of the life of the treeDSCF4399

Our activity is usually focus on the following steps:

  • General assessment: identify the special needs of each tree and defining and implementing the actions required. Describe the work and techniques for the improvement of urban forests and the promotion of biodiversity.
  • Doing a physiologic, structural assessment and/or root. Phytopathological studies and program management at the time.
  • Mechanical assessment: get more done with the instrumental and Visual Studies of risk according to each need. Design systems of anchors to ensure its stability.
  • Collaborate in the evaluation or studies aimed at the Declaration of Local Singular trees
  • Define protection strategies against remodeling of the space trees.

In addition, Doctorarbol has created a mixed product of software and consulting services for management and publication on website of singular trees: management of unique trees

Dossier: Monumental trees