Clip_41Doctorarbol is based on the Visual evaluation of woodland (EVA) system derived from the VTA system that described Claus Mattheck in the early 90s.

The system is based on the valuation of the visible structures of the tree to determine its internal State both referred to its physiological aspect as a mechanic.

On the base system developed by Mattheck added information and techniques of other researchers as Ted Green (relations tree fungus) Francis Schwarze (relations tree fungus) Francis Halle and Pierre Raimbault (tree structure), Wessolly (static and aerodynamic) in addition to our own research, insights and experience.

He is currently the only Spanish company that traction Test, carried out for the study of the risk of tipping of the trees through the Dynatim system

Specifically in the visual assessment are valued variables such as:grafica_dynatim

  • Leaf density, height and distribution of leaf mass, measures and coloration

Structure of branches and shoots, processes of growth or retrenchment

  • Wood's reaction, excessive weight or exhibition
  • Defects in joints, codominancias
  • Typology of the cortex
We also have different types of Software for aerodynamic analysis and the moments of force that the trees suffer.DSC04096_resize_resize
Instrument technician: in addition to the visual assessment, doctorarbol boasts the most efficient technical means for the study of trees:

-Resi 400 B

-Resi 300 F

-Scanner Arbotom®

-Dynatim "(traction test)


-Laboratory of dendrochronological analysis

New: Il Platano di Villa Necchi. A study of a singular tree using the traction test (Italian).