Our team has selected different courses dedicated to working in Arboriculture techniques in order to properly train staff that want to engage in Arboriculture, expand knowledge or improve in various techniques.

The training is done with teachers certified in European Tree Worker, European Tree Technician, or experience highly proven in consulting of Arboriculture.

We develop the following table of contents, with the aim of obtaining the necessary requirements for the ETW certification exam.

According to them knowledge of each one, may opt by the courses necessary for their complementation.

Is will develop courses according to request and, for complete a training proper, the student (depending on their knowledge) can choose between the different materials offered.

We have divided the modules in courses of initiation, for those who start working in Arboriculture, and advanced courses, for those who need to improve or explore new methods of work.


Basic knowledge

1. Basic biology of trees.

2. Ratio soil/root

3. Planting of trees

4. Transplant and post-transplant of trees

5. Protection of the woodland in the works

6. Assessment of the risk in trees

Working techniques

7. Pruning road (initiation)

8. Use and maintenance of chain saws into soil and height

9. Climbing techniques I

10. Techniques of rescue in climbing and first aid

11. Felling of trees I

12. Biology, diseases, and treatments of Palm trees

13. Climbing and pruning of Palms

14. Rescue and safety in Palm trees

15. Lift management

16. Assessment of risk in urban trees: elaboration of tokens, interpretation, works


17. Advanced road pruning

18. Climbing techniques II

19. Felling of trees II

20. Disassembly and apeo controlled platform lift

21. Wood destroying fungi

22. Physics applied to the Arboriculture

23. Presentations artificial in trees

24. Visual tree assessment and risk assessment

25. Interpretation of instruments associated with the risk

26. Conservation of trees old and unique

27. Treatment and management of Palm trees