Articles published by doctorarbol.

In the magazine gardening professional we have published several articles of works made by our company and narrated in a fictional manner by a private investigator that we call doctorarbol. Through these articles "novelados" intend to show some special work we have done and at the same time describe the scientific principles that have accompanied decisions or each worker process.

  • An oak tree in the last cry: an oak tree affected by works is ready to die… This article describes a case of recovery of a tree badly damaged by soil restoration and a forced pruning of entrenchment.
  • The Hague beceite: dendrochronological study of a has fallen in the Natural Park Els Ports, is the excuse to describe the stages of growth of an is singular.
  • Matusalem: "reclamadoras" oak trees were used for many years for hunting through "vesc" a tail made from the fruit of the mistletoe. The restoration of the Oaks is the axis of the article where we discuss some of the principles used for the management of pollarded.
  • The three Tenors: the installation of lightning rods is a little used, in this case of the doctorarbol protection system, describes installation of a lightning rod of a group of three firs monumental of Catalonia.
  • Cojedes tackle we: three Albizia procera in the Plaça Molina in Barcelona transplant serves as an excuse to describe singular trees transplant system Treeplatform.
  • The giant pierdebrazos: trenching is a very important structural process in mature trees…
  • Choke of pine trees: planting is the most important Arboriculture, in this article describes a case of dendroauditoria on a pine plantation.
  • A crutch for an old man by doctorarbol: installation of the anchor in the Pi of the Carrer of the Pi de Sant Pere de Ribes is one of the anchors have done and of which we are most proud, this article describes the entire process in a funny way.
  • The game of the domino: just passed one of the most important storms that occurred in Spain in recent times, thousands of trees have fallen, researcher doctorarbol, depressed, drown their sorrows while he reflects on the causes of those falls…

Articles that we have published in the culture of the tree, of the Spanish Association of Arboriculture.

  • Article restoration Pi Gros dels Ports: the Pi Gros dels Ports, is a Pinus nigra from the largest in Spain, the emergence of a crack reason the realization of a special anchor…
  • Interview with Gerard Passola, in the culture of the tree of the Association Spanish of Arboriculture magazine, on the occasion of the publication of the book "Wood destroying fungi that live in the trees" ed. Red circle

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