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Doctorarbol at Salon del Arbol from Iberflora

Doctorarbol team participated in the first Salón del Arbol, organized by the Spanish Association of Arboriculture last September.

Here it is the video with images of the different contributions, through lectures, conferences and live demonstrations. You can see it here:

Is was a great experience that we hope will repeat next year.

Working at Parque del Retiro

This week Doctorarbol has been performing works to prevent the risk of fall of trees in the Park of the Retiro. These preventive works are done with the traction Test, a modern technique for the control of the risk of falling trees.doctorarbol fall trees doctorarbol fall trees

This Test allows to calculate the exact load capacity of a tree structure. They are used in cases where the traditional evaluation does not determine, in a 100% reliable way, the risk of fall / break of a tree.  

This kind of Test is usually performed in those trees with a special value where the conservation is very important, as the ones from el Retiro.doctorarbol fall trees
doctorarbol fall trees

Currently, Doctorarbol has the technical media and training specialized to perform them.
This project was done by Jesus Puerta, Alberto Diaz and Gerard Passola.
doctorarbol fall treesdoctorarbol fall trees

Resistographer DP IML

We present you the new resistographer of IML (model PD) an improved version that performs simultaneous measurements of the advance and the rotation of the bit, which allows to obtain two measurements of the wood that are complementary.


At Doctorarbol we are official distributors of IML products. If you have any request you can write us to info@doctorarbol.com

You can read more information about this new resistographer at the following link:

The new resistographer of IML

The transplantation of the Drago in the magazine of the AEA

Today we share an article by Alberto Díaz on the transplant of the Drago has been published in the culture of the tree (Official Journal of the Spanish Association of Arboriculture). Transplant was performed by the team of Doctorarbol in the Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) in may 2015.IMG_0933

This article is intended to communicate the emotions and events that is gave us in the execution of one of the transplants perhaps more important media in recent years, at least in Spain, with no other intention than the convey the excitement of a team when carrying out a transplant of these characteristics.
Diaz explained the difficulties that had to be overcome in order to carry out the transplant successfully, after many calculations and always remembering that a transplant only has to run on strict conditions, i.e., when no choice more.
Without a doubt, a tree is better in its original location, this is unquestionable and is non-negotiable, now well, if there is no more obliged to assess a proposal's after – plante against the possibility of a felling, the first option becomes necessary, provided it is done with love, respect, the calculation and the necessary knowledge of the species to try to get close to the maximum guarantee of success , preserving necessarily the singularity, the structure and architecture of the exemplary.
You can read the full article at the following link:

Transplantation Drago. ACL 74 April 2016

The Arborist in golf courses

Alberto Díaz, one of our principal consultants in Arboriculture, says in this interesting article the importance of the work of the arborist at the golf courses. A figure as important as the own greenkeeper (lawn care Manager).

An Arborist is not only the person who climbs a tree to run a pruning. It is the professional who decides what should be cut, and why. In addition, it is responsible for perform and advise on the various actions that can be performed for the maintenance and well-being of woodland, tasks such as a good technique for planting, correct frames plantation, choice of species, anchors and artificial presentations, detection of mechanical defects and the different possibilities of remedying these failures, managers and directors-planning , assessments of risk of hazardous trees, drafting of reports and management with the different administrations, (…) etc.

You can read the entire document by clicking on the following link:

The figure of the Arborist in golf courses

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