Doctorarbol distributed in Spain and Portugal some of the best products for Arboriculture works. In addition to we can advise on which is the more in keeping with your needs and give you specific training for their use or installation.

Products "doctorarbol * developed by tree, research and management, s.l:"

  • System Treeplatform "to transplant trees unique (patented system).
  • Geo-Root System anchor for supporting trees by buried anchors


Products distributed by doctorarbol:

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Instruments for the assessment of the internal state of the wood

Resistographer (Resi MD300, Resi F, Resi PD (new)), hammer of impulses, Fractometro (Fractometro I, Fractometro II), table of measurement of rings, bits of Pressler


Materials for the urban Arboriculture GEFA TECHNIK

Rootball anchors

Semi-rigid or elastic rope to anchors for branches and trees from 2 to 10 tons

Ribbon flat for anchorage of branches and trees


Tools for working with the roots AIRSPADE (company of the Guardair group)

Airspade "2000

"3000 Airspade

Industrial vacuum cleaners for the set-aside





Accessories for the installation of lightning rods in trees (Independent Protection Co)

Wire, nails, joints and grounding for the installation of lightning rods.