Trees are subject to the forces of the wind and their own weight, age, can see its deteriorating structure, receiving wounds or lesions which may impair its stability. At doctorarbol, we specialize in the design and installation of special systems of support for trees.
There are so many types of anchors such as mechanical problems may have trees, however our work in this field can be grouped in different categories of support systems:

Special fixings: some trees need a special anchor design, its biomechanical characteristics combined with the equity require a solution to allow the general value of tree conservation while maintaining security levels of an urban environment.

This may require a unique and efficient anchor that is object of the structural calculations to ensure its functionality and which must be installed in a professional manner so that it complies with its mission.

GEO-Root anchor: buried anchors; This type of anchors is designed to prevent the tipping of trees that are its dimensions. To work directly on the root system prevents the placement of wires or poles that interfere and reduce space. This type of anchor is invisible to the eye, allows the passage of vehicles and pedestrians, and does not affect the work that must be done around a tree.

Other types of anchors:

Air anchors GEFA type: this type of anchor is intended for prevention of breakage of shafts inside of a tree, it is based on the installation and technical ropes of different flexibility and models with different bearing capacity (2 TON, 4 TON, 7 TON, 10 TON)

Anchors by perforated bar: for some types of defects to install systems of anchors that are based on the drilling of the trunk to place bars

threaded of different capacities and thicknesses.

Anchors in compression: many trees have support their own weight issues. So such problems to reduce the risk of breakage, we tend to place anchors in compression structures.