restoration trees singulares_doctorarbolThe unique, monumental, trees of Local interest, etc, are exemplary in those who can not commit mistakes. To carry out actions according to their needs, it is essential to make a good diagnosis and carry out the actions to improve.

Through a good knowledge of their physiology, biomechanics, ecology, soil, etc. We define and execute the actions of conservation.

The most common are:

 General physiological restoration and phytopathological treatments.
  • Structural improvement of trees

restoration trees singulares_doctorarbol 5Environmental Arboriculture which includes aspects of ecology and promotion of biodiversity in the management tree. Consolidation of specimens dead for conservation

Improvement of the conditions of the environment taking into account the landscape factor. Monitoring of environmental variables to determine the physiological needs of trees.

  • Improvement of the Biomechanics of the trees and manufacture and installation of anchors.
  • Statement reports of trees of Local interest, regional, Provincial and regional, monitor the status and actions to improve.
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