transplantation of trees singulares_doctorarbolAt doctorarbol we believe that the best locatiotreeplatform_doctorarboln for a tree is which has always had, and therefore we are committed to preserve the trees there. However, some situations do not allow to hold the tree in place and they must be changed position so that they survive. For this purpose we have designed an own patented system (Treeplatform® system) that allows us to transplant large specimens with near 100% survival expectations. With this system we are working in all Spain and other European countries.

Related to the transplantation of these individuals we offer:

-Studies aimed at determining the technical possibilities of realization of the transplant and physiologic requirements to ensure their optimal survival.

-Transplantation of singular trees with system Treeplatform®.

-Unique Palm tree transplant

-Transplant of trees in complicated conditions