Alberto Díaz, one of our principal consultants in Arboriculture, says in this interesting article the importance of the work of the arborist at the golf courses. A figure as important as the own greenkeeper (lawn care Manager).

An Arborist is not only the person who climbs a tree to run a pruning. It is the professional who decides what should be cut, and why. In addition, it is responsible for perform and advise on the various actions that can be performed for the maintenance and well-being of woodland, tasks such as a good technique for planting, correct frames plantation, choice of species, anchors and artificial presentations, detection of mechanical defects and the different possibilities of remedying these failures, managers and directors-planning , assessments of risk of hazardous trees, drafting of reports and management with the different administrations, (…) etc.

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The figure of the Arborist in golf courses