This week Doctorarbol has been performing works to prevent the risk of fall of trees in the Park of the Retiro. These preventive works are done with the traction Test, a modern technique for the control of the risk of falling trees.doctorarbol fall trees doctorarbol fall trees

This Test allows to calculate the exact load capacity of a tree structure. They are used in cases where the traditional evaluation does not determine, in a 100% reliable way, the risk of fall / break of a tree.  

This kind of Test is usually performed in those trees with a special value where the conservation is very important, as the ones from el Retiro.doctorarbol fall trees
doctorarbol fall trees

Currently, Doctorarbol has the technical media and training specialized to perform them.
This project was done by Jesus Puerta, Alberto Diaz and Gerard Passola.
doctorarbol fall treesdoctorarbol fall trees